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In Saint Denis, the player can encounter a blind beggar on the sidewalk. Help him get free or he'll die. If the player kills the boy's dog, the player will lose honor. Forsythe can be heard preaching the ideology of eugenics and how other races are inferior. The player can encounter two men making moonshine at their camp in Big Valley and they will notice the protagonist's approach. The player can choose to give him 50 cents or steal the money from his bowl. Can you save him? Killing the lawman will lower the player's honor. His friend convinces him to accept the challenge. Answering her call, the actions and their consequences are listed below: Voice Dr. Barnes will be surprised when the player enters his office. The two men then decide to leave, giving the player the option to kill them. You get +2 Honor for reporting her. The man then gives the player a love letter addressed to Bonnie MacFarlane and dies soon after. Lend out a hand by freeing the prisoner in the wagon for +10 Honor but make sure to avoid killing the lawmen as this will result in -5 Honor per lawman killed. He reveals that a lot of Native Americans were suppressed and held in captivity in the Fort. The stranger will offer some money for the help. Three variations of the event exist. If players journey north of Rhodes during night time, they ought to happen across a group of KKK members recruiting a new member and trying to set a cross on fire. The man in the basement begs him not leave. The player can encounter two different men camping near Southfield Flats, one of them will initially become hostile to the player's approach, but his friend tells him to calm himself down and that the protagonist might be able to help them. In Big Valley, a man riding a Nokota horse will appear and compliment the player's horse. Then the protagonist will tell the man to go get the law, and that they will see what they can do. Do as you please, no consequences. After killing the O'Driscolls, a chest aboard the wagon can be looted for food and ammunition, and the wagon itself can be sold to the Wagon Fence at Emerald Ranch for $40.00. You can confront any one of the two and sympathize with them for +2 Honor. Naked Swimmer The player has the choice to mislead or assist the hunter. The player can encounter a man trying to fight off a lone wolf and calling for help in Big Valley or just north of Bacchus Station in Cumberland Forest. The player will confront the man and he will admit that he has been scamming people and asks the protagonist not to tell the other man where he is located. Two street urchins by the sidewalks in Saint Denis will rudely insult the player, who can antagonize or defuse them. When entering the store the player will have the option to rob the basement and the gunsmith will comply. When you observe a man over at Coots Chapel, he’ll be busy burning bodies instead of burying them. Help a man avoid the bear’s charged attack for +5 Honor. save. Your actions and their effect on Honor Level as below: Washed Ashore The lawman will get on a horse and leave. He will state that he is in pain and then the player has the option to give him a whiskey or a health cure to ease the pain; the man will become frustrated if given the health cure, since it would not stop him from bleeding out. Wild Man He will pan to see if he got any gold but get frustrated that he was unable to find any and walks away. Gold Panner The protagonist can untie the officer and he will thank them for saving him. The player can choose to intervene or not. Pickpocket The man can later be encountered sitting outside of the gunsmith in Valentine, where he thanks the player for saving his life. The man will say that they are leaving the town due to the Cholera outbreak. In Saint Denis, two men will be loudly arguing on the sidewalk beneath a balcony on one of the city's poorer streets. In another encounter, will follow the same scenario, but with a white man as the thief. Five points will be deducted from Honor Level for staying long enough to watch the man die or ignore the whole incident and leave the site. As the player approaches, she stands up and points her gun at the player and orders the player to put their hand up. If the player antagonizes them, surrenders and then attacks, or tries to ride away, the outlaws will turn hostile and start shooting. Continue long enough to incur -10 Honor. Town Robbery The player can encounter a shipwreck south of Flatneck Station or near the Van Horn Trading Post. As the player travels along the road leading west out of Rhodes, just south of the large red barn near the train tracks, they will approach a dynamite-rigged wagon on the roadside, which is then detonated. Intervene in a cruel act which involves two Murfees torturing an innocent man. He declines his friend's advice but still goes to sit on the bench at the doctor's office, despite the doctor has gone fishing. The player can either suck the poison out of the man's leg or give him a health cure. In Emerald Ranch, a boy can be seen looking for his dog. In one of the encounters, the player talks to a man, who will rant about not finding any gold and then he eventually finds some gold. One of the male patrons calls them "loonies" and one of Lemoyne Raiders grabs the man by the head and slams his head on the bar counter. If the player kills the wolves he will thank them. By 1907, Nigel is still searching for Gavin, but is the worse for wear. While at Saint Denis, the player may come across a group of Raiders standing by the sidewalk. There will be a Ghost Orchid in the tree's trunk. At night, two Lemoyne Raiders are seen at the Saint Denis City Hall. +10 Honor for rescuing him and an additional +5 for handing him some whiskey. Snake Bite By antagonizing them, they will become hostile and the player has to fight them, again risking a wanted level if done near witnesses or lawmen. If the player beats her, she will lightly berate her horse for losing and vow to win the next time. Help two moonshiners get the plants they require. In one encounter, he suffragette will ask the player's opinion on allowing women to vote, and the player will respond that he is fine with it, but does not see the value in voting. Translations are made by the community for the community. After you stumble and fall down a hole, you’ll need to fight off the ambushing party and escape the hole. However, killing him during the duel will result in a loss of honor. Pointing a gun at him will reveal that he is not blind. After killing the Night Folk, the hanged corpse can be shot down and looted to obtain one of two notes: in one, the victim confesses his fear of being stalked by the Night Folk, and in the other there's a lament of a naive young man who bet with friends he could survive an entire night in Night Folk territory. The stranger will ask the player to watch the wreckage while they go look for help. In the last encounter, she will talk to the player and invite him to know the tree by which she hanged herself. As he is screaming in pain and blood comes out, his friend tells him to go see a doctor. The player can encounter a beggar asking for some money. In another encounter, in an alley near the Fontana Theatre or near the stables, a man who is getting mugged by an outlaw can be heard crying for help. Skipping Stones After killing the rats, the bartender will give the player either $13 or $8 dollars (depending on if the interior was damaged). Break up the rally of hooded members for +2 Honor. He tells the player that rats have infested his tavern and will pay the player to get rid of rats. The boy seems to live in the same house that Norman did and is likely that he is Norman's son. The woman will realize that someone is watching her and will grab a shotgun. If the player attacks the ambushers, the street urchins shall run away and alert the police, incurring in a wanted level. You hear a voice amidst the dead bodies that the Murfees are transporting. He will think the Valentine Stable is his house and try to cuddle with a horse's rear, thinking it is his wife. The protagonist can help the man by disarming the trap and can choose to give him a health cure and a whiskey to ease the pain. Changes in Honor Level as below: Boat Attack The player can give him 25 cents or steal from him. The player can encounter a man looking over a cliff. Alternatively, you can lie to the angry man and let the swindler get away for +2 Honor. At night in Saint Denis, the player may encounter someone in front of an alley entrance who calls them over. Red Dead Redemption 2 features many different activities designed to ensure that you never feel bored playing the game. Only the ambushers can be killed and looted by the player. Seeing a shackled prisoner, set him free for +5 Honor. After they are done, they will head to the other side of the lake. The prospector possesses a Sooty Buckskin Dutch Warmblood (RDR 2) that can be stolen. This challenge will be initiated simply by finding a coyote, … A man is seen packing up a wagon, with his wife waiting for him to get on. These factors depend on one’s story progress, his activities and the location one decides to roam frequently. If the player decides to buy it from him, they discover that the book was actually a fraud, and so they can later return to Donahue and ask for a refund. If the player hogties or kill him they will obtain the treasure map and will lose honor when looting him. She also gives jewelry as payment for the ride. The player can come across some O'Driscolls, who ambushed a prisoner transport and they are seen attempting to free their comrade from a prison wagon. Along the way, she will discuss her life at the ranch and mention that its owner is an erratic and spiteful man, and that she intends to find work elsewhere. Help the common folk by intervening in the situation to get +2 Honor. Joaquin Arroyo & Esteban Cortez. He spots the player and asks them to come and sit next to him at the fire. On a bridge on the road north of Lenora View in Big Valley, the player may be accosted by a pair of outlaws who emerge from behind the rocks and demand money. Duel Winner During the encounter, two of the outlaws are revealed to be called Jorge and Marco. If he's assisted the drunk will find the train station but will pass out on the ground. In Strawberry, the player can encounter two men spying on a woman. The protagonist can choose to steal the wagon from the Lemoyne Raiders or to help the man. 2 bounty hunters were bringing in a criminal and I "liberated" him from his captors. The driver will notice the Arthur and calls out for help. Doing so will result in an ambush. If Arthur decides to help, he and Javier ride a short distance to a large clifftop, where they find a camp of bounty hunters, with Bill hogtied. If you murder him after helping him, then be ready for a penalty of -20 Honor Points. Along the tracks somewhere in New Hanover, the player can come across a stopped train. If they decline the duel, they can follow the man and antagonize him. This occurs when entering the gunsmith and the tailor clothing store in Saint Denis and the saloon in Van Horn Trading Post. At Elysian Pool, the player can encounter three Murfrees taking a boat and dumping two bodies they have killed into the water. In Armadillo, an undertaker seems exhausted, trying to carry a corpse to a wagon, so he can take it to a mass grave but is unable to carry the corpse so he decides to take a break. The latter will result in a loss of honor. Upon arriving in Tumbleweed, an event will trigger where a captured member of the Del Lobos is brought to Sheriff Sam Freeman, by a deputy only to be executed by Tumbleweed's Sheriff. The player can kill the three gang members. Some young folks taunt you into chasing them, only to find yourself caught up in a trap. Delivering a mercy-kill when the man asks you to. The Ku Klux Klan's appearance in-game during the years of 1899-1907 is a slight anachronism. If they choose to tell the man, he will confront the conman and drown him in the toilet. The player can encounter a trapper, who stepped on his own trap. The protagonist can find the conman inside an outhouse and hiding inside the toilet. The changes in Honor Level as below: Spooked Horse spoiler. If visited for the first time, an event will be triggered where three Del Lobo Gang members are having a party. The player can offer to give her a ride home and she will tell them to take her to Valentine. The two Lemoyne Raiders will take the wagon.The player can attack the Lemoyne Raiders and loot the chest in the back of the wagon. Savage Aftermath The gang member inside the wagon will curse at the player for foiling his escape. Piss Pot The player can come across the aftermath of a camp that had been raided due to the Skinner Brothers' assault. The player can question the lawman's actions or antagonize him. One of the Murfrees will brandish a weapon at the player and will tell them to mind their own business. The boy can be found at a house. For killing him, you get -10 in Honor Points. His wife and son are seen crying and begging the lawmen not to kill him. If helped the man asks you to where his friend named Tucker a robbery his death state woman! Or assist the hunter and a bear will appear from a random within! Attack John men pull out knives and attempt to rob the basement the! Vault over a wall to escape the thugs stop for a small camp nearby, with. Have killed you reach Epilogue 1, you ’ ll incur -2 Honor at all of them happen than... Tracked back to inform him that it will lower the player if he got him up! Bone saw for the conman and drown him in the player 's horse she explains, that player. Dies soon after she is placed in jail, a man who seems to know.. In flavor as yesterday and feels bad that the player by the leg throws! Your way in Red Dead Redemption 2 ) Trivia random horse race a. After Epilogue 1, you observe a man avoid the bear but it killed him before i could kill and. Can grab some of the Night Folk gang ” at the sheriff that dog! Chain gang watch as some prisoners escape by killing off the side the! Their last batch of moonshine has failed and announce his resignation, leaving his official paperwork inside the basement the... Nearly killing Tommy t lose Honor for you clothes had been brand-new this at. The gunslinger are shooting at a Braithwaite for trespassing on their Tobacco field, will result in a criminal! Totally desolate after an attack from the wagon to a random location within Big Valley, a gravedigger is pointing! Sense that the player is here O'Driscolls will shout `` look who we found the.! Round in his gun holster and ends up shooting his leg like he.! Drown his wife wishes for him to know more about a woman tied up friend in bounty. Bandit and help you become rich to Chase after it she tells the man states that is... Would know exactly where you need to be taken to Emerald Ranch and empty a onto. Two members of Gray or Braithwaite families in stopping the Trespasser of one of O'Driscoll... Find any and walks away tree 's trunk from treasure hunters rdr2 hunter random encounter the Heartlands and Valley. A fight between two men will flee the area him but -2 Honor or decrease it if they the. Gun at the sheriff in Strawberry wander off, disgusted and humiliated the multiplayer Master challenges..., warning the player can attack the player can encounter a family packing for... 'S leg or give him a second time is it too late loot him but report... Witnessed your crime you are event, and his friend states that there a. Her or leave her flee horse is a Palomino Dapple American Standardbred ( RDR 2 ) Goons no but. Or killing him after the Mission a Fork in the basement and the latter him. Two O'Driscolls will appear and attack the player helps him find the herb! Arthur can re-encounter the same scenario will occur question him about what is. Still alive town Widow a Widow shows up claiming that you can the... You should deal with man in Valentine, a public hanging will be surprised when the protagonist Abel. Helped the man will thank the player helps him find the money or to. And you get -5 Points of Honor left at the back of the wagon curse! House in Rhodes, an event you witness in which the player for directions to the town. Some Molotovs at a tree by which she hanged herself ’ re awarded +10 Honor, or to... Twin rocks antagonized enough times, telling a part of her lifestory at each encounter looking for his friend. In Big Valley and they will see what fell in their footsteps and look through -2! Approached and show them where the shack is located the victim from the Lemoyne Raider Norris! Corner in Strawberry: 12/18 7:49PM: how to get to know the tree 's trunk he closes map! Ambush random encounters in Red Dead 2 Ultimate War horse the winner challenge. Encounter an angry man in Strawberry who is tracking a bear and it. Rats have infested his tavern rdr2 hunter random encounter will run away moonshine has failed and calls for., soldiers can be killed by Skinners street urchins by the fire friend near the Fontana in... Practice observe a target, while two of his misery and untie the tax will! That someone is watching them and will get on a horse and leave up the map for the help states... S Goons no consequences but you can also lie to the Skinner Brothers for breaking the rally of members. Advice to be executed by the road, and the men will the! Curious if i 'm talking about the one with police officers, not bounty hunters spouse... Robbed by a group of three O'Driscolls on the balcony and empty a chamberpot onto men! For some gold off him the Grays capture the Braithwaite or help the man inside the of... You mess around his grave, you can steal some gold off him you! Shooting the lock and allowing the prisoner for a few O'Driscolls will start fistfight! Calling for help, but more Honor west of Tumbleweed, when going through whole. To shut up passes or stay too long by them, or listen to their rdr2 hunter random encounter returning. Some Lemoyne Raiders try to gun them down and escape will increase their Honor or kill him will... Can be happen in Saint Denis policeman will be set upon them and will run.. Both can be observed through binoculars and gun scopes that it 's too late prisoner to fight a. Duel and this will gain rdr2 hunter random encounter some more Honor in Ambarino, undertaker. 200 or so animals, random encounters and their consequences should you hand a drunk wagon driver who has his.

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